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I am from a small town called Pine Bush, NY. With a population hovering just under 1400 people, Pine Bush developed a reputation as ‘The UFO Capital of the World.’ There are books and gatherings and the town holds an annual UFO festival. Its a trip.

My father (Anthony Maccarello) played the drums, started in the 80’s. His Grandfather (John Maccarello) played the drums in the Big Bands in the 40’s in New York City. Drumming is in my blood and before I knew it I was hitting the drums at the age of 3. I fell in love with the drums, and as i grew up, drumming was my “out” from small town life. They made me realize there was more out there. The drums made me feel so powerful, and I taught myself everything in a barn in my yard for hours on end.

After my first YouTube video went semi-viral, I was in and out of projects from New York City to Los Angeles. I wanted to tour and pursue music full time, so I packed everything in December 2013 and moved to LA.

I currently drum for Surfer Girl, Take My Lungs, EMLYN, Loren Gray, Tequila Moss. Who I have played with in the past: Nik West, Andy Allo, Orianthi, Take One Car, The Gitas, B’z, Tak Matsumoto, Peoplemover, Eyeshine, StarRo, A.F.R.O, Nghtmre, Morgxn, Brett Ayala Jones, Sad Night Dynamite, LØLØ, AJR, Clinton Kane, POORSTACY, NoMBe.